I've Been Using MOD's for 4 years

June 16, 2016

I started using MOD’s approximately 4 years ago, I became interested in MOD’s when I learned that the products are made with only all natural ingredients. All of my adult life I have attempted to take care of my skin, however, my skin remained dry and seemed there was a new wrinkle every day! I have lived in a dry climate my entire life. First in New Mexico and then in my 20’s I moved to an even drier and colder climate, Wyoming. Immediately, after starting using MOD’s skin care I noticed my skin was less dry and had a more natural luster. I also started to notice my pores reduced. Last fall, I had an opportunity to have a facial at a local spa. The professional asked what skin care line I was using! She was very complimentary of the condition of my skin as well as how small my pores were. Recently, I began using MOD’s enzyme serum. Immediately I’ve noticed the wrinkles around my eyes were less noticeable. Another favorite new product is the foam cleanser. Not only is it easy to use, but also cleans and is non-drying. In addition to facial products, MOD’s has a new line of moisturizing hand lotion. It keeps my cuticles from splitting and my nails are healthier as well! -Janice, WY

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