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Kat Earnhart

Kat Earnhart

Kat Earnhart Daughter

Constance Bradley

MOD Cares was developed by a mother and daughter team who have a vibe and passion for living life to its fullest! MOD has a fire to share Jesus and wellness with everyone we touch. Through surviving cancer and many family tragedies, we have witnessed firsthand the miracles of God with the very ingredients He has bestowed to us here on this earth. Out of that inspiration MOD Cares launched in September 2012.

In our humble beginnings, we offered a basic whole nutrition facial care set. Our intention was to provide a healthy skincare line that delivers the results to age with youthfulness. That simple kit has transformed into hours of research and client communication to bring us to where we are today. We currently offer over 16 proven products that cover the face and body for both men and women, handcrafting began at the Noble Ranch in Williams Valley, Oregon. 

Noble Ranch, Williams Valley Oregon, Home of MOD Cares

Noble Ranch, Williams Valley, Oregon, Home of MOD Cares

Our Vision:

To provide luxurious skincare products that deliver impeccable results, promote health and happiness. 

Our Foundations:

Our foundation is based on Christian Values.

MOD’s Promise:

We promise to continue to research the endless methods and constituents to provide our customers with a product of virtue. MOD’s is ever evolving as we gain deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s many wonders given to us. 

Thank you for entrusting MOD Cares to MOD-ify the largest organ of your body!


Thank You:

We couldn't have done it without the help of these heroes. A heartfelt thank you for all you've done.