How long do MOD Cares’ products last?

Customers typically re-order within 60 days. MOD products are most effective when used within 6 months of ordering.

Does MOD Cares’ offer Sunscreen?

MOD Cares Moisture Restore, Moisture Repair, MOD-ern Man’s Enzyme Serum, Hand Therapy and Body Butter all contain UVA/UVB blocking ingredients.  Not only do these products prevent sun damage, but also repair any prior damage.

Can I use MOD Cares’ products outside of their intended use?

YES! The beauty of MOD Cares’ products is that they are multi-tasking. Each one of the products is infused with healing ingredients that can address many ailments. Our Customers have trusted our products enough to use them in unattended areas. Here are their reported discoveries:

  • Eye Makeup Remover will take off waterproof mascara, but is excellent for addressing conditions associated with alopecia, such as thinning eyebrows.

  • Chap-Crack Repair is great for your dry lips, but also a fantastic healer for diaper rash.

  • Enzyme Serum is an Anti-Aging Powerhouse, but is also an excellent healer for sunburns.

What amount of product should I use?

MOD Cares’ products are highly concentrated. The recommended amounts are identified in the product descriptions.  Please adjust according to your skin’s needs. Should you have specific questions on a skin condition see our Contact Us page.  

I am pregnant, what do you recommend?

MOD Cares’ products are made with superior ingredients. We believe in and highly recommend our skin care regimen for your glowing pregnancy stage. Please consult your physician that is familiar with the ingredients before use.

Are MOD Cares products free of Parabens?

YES! At MOD Cares’ we are proud to say that all of our products are safe & non-toxic, free of parabens, SLS, chemicals, synthetics, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum and we are a Cruelty Free company.

Am I too young to use Anti-Aging products?

Absolutely NOT! MOD Cares’ products are designed not only to prevent aging but to also preserve it. Starting use of MOD Cares’ daily skin care regimen in your tweens will keep your skin in superior health .